Yes, if my schedule allows. If you choose to go past your scheduled time, please take care of the extra donation prior to the extended time.

Absolutely not. I understand that I may not be the right companion for every gentlemen. The rates I have set allow me to be selective as to who I meet, enabling me to focus more on quality and genuine connection.

Yes, I love experimenting and fulfilling fantasies with couples.

I will arrive in elegant discreet attire, or if you give me more plan details, I will dress accordingly.

If you have never met another companion, please be sure to mention so along with your introductory email. We can discuss in further detail the process of screening through employment and ID validation. Rest assured your discretion is of the utmost importance.

Yes, I assure you transparency. These photos were taken recently. I update frequently and you can see more about me on my social feeds. My photos are blurred for my privacy and safety. I maintain a regular lifestyle when not entertaining.